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Ten20 | Saturday Evening Dinner

Ten20 | Saturday Evening Dinner

Last weekend, Roody & I went to the new Ten20 restaurant & lounge in Bridgeport, CT to create some marketing materials for them. I went in there just expecting your regular drink and appetizers. But let me tell you something…

Ain’t nothing “regular” about this BOMB Watermelon Mojito. If I didn’t have a portrait session to go shoot right after I left the restaurant, best believe I would have gulped it all down. Wow, it was amazing. Nice and sweet, just the way I like it.

Roody’s drink was called the Blue Devil. That one had more of a mature taste, the kind that Roody enjoys. So we were both pretty happy :)

To start, we had the Arugula Salad, which was the perfect palate cleanser.

Next up were the Salmon Sliders. Not gonna lie, I did give the salmon the side eye. Salmon? Between bread? I’m obviously not a salmon fan like Roody is. But that first bite nearly brought me to tears. Why does it taste so good?? I could have eaten both sliders myself and I still would have wanted more. The fish is SUPER flavorful, and the sauce that they put on it is magic. It’s probably just mayo, but IDC. It’s magic.

Now for our entrees…

We both got the Ten20 Pasta meals. Roody got steak & shrimp, and I got chicken & shrimp.

I need you to pay attention to the closeup of this shrimp. It tastes even better than it looks. EVEN. BETTER.

Roody’s steak was tender, and my chicken was cooked just right. His pasta was penne, and mine was fettuccine. Both dishes were very satisfying. For only $20, you’ll have a bomb meal and some bomb leftovers for lunch the next day.

In case you weren’t able to tell, we TRULY enjoyed the food at Ten20. We heard that they have Sunday Brunch and Taco Tuesday, so we will definitely be back!

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