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Blend on the Water Long Island City | Tuesday Night Dinner

Blend on the Water Long Island City | Tuesday Night Dinner

Roody & I wanted to have dinner at Blend on the Water in Long Island City this past weekend, but there were no more openings for reservations. So we made a 9:00 PM reservation for Tuesday night instead. Blend on the Water is apparently VERY popular, because it was a Tuesday night and the place was packed. So packed, in fact, that we were not seated until 10:12 PM.

I’m not going to lie. That REALLY disappointed me. I thought reservations actually meant something. It had taken us an hour to get there from Stamford, CT, and then to wait another hour and forty minutes to be fed…

Anyway, our waitress apologized for the wait. She then promised us that we would enjoy the food. Let me tell you something. Homegirl. Was. Not. Lying.

Let’s start out with the appetizers, since those came first. Roody went with the Guacamole & Chips. I decided to start out with the Lobster & Crab Tequenos. Roody said that the guac was really good!

The Lobster Tequenos were absolutely delicious. I nearly burned my mouth because of how quickly I ate them.
— LarJ

Tuesday is 2-for-1 Mojito Day, so Roody got a Passionfruit Mojito and I got the Dragonfruit Mojito pictured below.

Dragonfruit Mojito

That’s a really good mojito. Probably the best I ever had.
— LarJ

What I loved the most about the Dragonfruit Mojito was that the sweetness never really went away. That thing sat there in ice for about an hour and the last sip (that Roody stole) was still sweet. HOW???

The Tequenos filled me up, but I left some room for my entree. I went with the Chicken Lomo Saltado and Roody got the Crispy Chicken.

Blend on the Water’s Lomo was definitely nothing like the Lomo I’ve had here in Stamford. Everything on my plate was filled with flavor, and I loved it. Roody’s fried rice was delicious. He gave me a bite :)

We ended up making friends with the gentlemen who sat at the table next to us, and we found out that they live in Stamford, too! What a small world haha.

LarJ Grubs’ Rating

Wait Time | 1
We waited 72 minutes to be seated, even though we made a reservation 3 days before. There were a lot of large birthday groups, though. So that could have been the cause. I’m not sure if that’s the norm or not!

Service | 10
Our waitress was really nice. She’s the one who told us about the 2-for-1 Mojito special.

Vibe | 8
It was SUPER dark inside. I wasn’t really able to see what I eating. But the music was nice!

Grub | 10
The food was delicious. We loved every bite.

Price | 9
It’s a little more pricey than your average restaurant, but the proportions are perfect. So I think it’s worth the money. Our meal came up to $90-something before tax & tip.

Overall | 38/50

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