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Big Daddy's Gramercy | Saturday Evening Brunch

Big Daddy's Gramercy | Saturday Evening Brunch

Roody & I wanted to celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary early with a fun day out. Our friend, Vanessa, recommended Big Daddy’s for brunch. We didn’t get to NYC until dinner time, but that didn’t stop us from doing what we set out to do!

The first thing we noticed when we entered the diner was the vibe. It was good.

I like the fact that they have a lot of the old school cereal boxes. It feels like a blast to the past.
— Roody

Our waiter took our order. The names of the meals are funny, so it made me giggle a little. I ordered a Mango Mimosa, and Roody ordered Captain Kangaroo’s Cookie Craze, which has vanilla ice cream, vodka and crushed Oreos. Both drinks were BOMB!

For my meal, I really wanted to try something different. I decided to go with “Whos’ the Boss?” but I didn’t realize that the egg would be soft. It was written in the description, but my eyes were hungry and skipped that part. So I had to ask them to make me another egg, over hard. Oops!

Roody got the “Bow Wow Wow.” Before taking a bite of my sandwich, I was a little worried that the waffle would cut up the inside of my mouth. But guess what? The waffles were very soft and did no such thing. YAY!

We were both extremely full and couldn’t finish our sandwiches. That might also be due to the fact that we decided to share some Oreo Pancakes haha.

OREO PANCAKE - pancake’s favorite cookie

The Oreo Pancakes were everything I hoped they would be. Yes, they were super sweet. But I loved the 3 big bites I was able to endure :)

Roody & I basically wobbled out of the restaurant. We were sad we couldn’t take the leftover food to go because we were on our way to the Color Factory, and we didn’t want to leave the food out for so long.

LarJ Grubs’ Rating

Wait Time | 10
I read on Yelp that we might have to join a wait list, but we were seated within 1 minute of entering the restaurant, so that was definitely not an issue.

Service | 10
Our waiter was very nice and smiley :)

Vibe | 10
It felt like home. I loved the old school music. The lighting was good, too.

Grub | 10
The food was absolutely delicious, and we will return again!

Price | 10
I thought everything was reasonably priced. Our check came up to $70-something before we tipped.

Overall | 50/50

Blend on the Water Long Island City | Tuesday Night Dinner

Blend on the Water Long Island City | Tuesday Night Dinner