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When Should My Children Start Learning to Play Piano?

When Should My Children Start Learning to Play Piano?


I ask myself that question all the time. Growing up in Jamaica, I learned to play the recorder first. Then we came to the US and I almost learned how to play the violin, but then I changed schools. Then my father taught me the piano. In middle school, he bought a drum set and put it in our basement and taught me how to play it.

I didn’t really pursue playing the drums because I’m a girl and I thought people would look at me funny. So I stuck with the piano. Everyone in the US makes fun of the recorder, so that was definitely not an option haha.


There was always a piano or keyboard in the house. When I moved in with Roody after our wedding, there was a keyboard here, too. I had lost interest in playing at that point because I was older and more stressed out. I had no patience to teach myself music anymore. Every year I would tell myself that I would start again.

It has been almost 8 years.

Now I have two boys who seem very interested in the piano and drums, and I want them to get formal training in both instruments. I guess I will be living vicariously through them as they play in the school band, and at church, like how I always wanted to but never thought myself good enough to do so…

…which is absolutely ridiculous because I taught myself to play ALL of “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Cartlon, and I had a whole book of sheet music from Alicia Keys album “Diary.”

Anyway, to answer my own question: I think the best time to teach your child to play an instrument is whenever you realize he has an interest in playing. If he doesn’t have an interest, but you still want him to learn, then start when he starts school. Jaden & Jonathan will most likely start piano lessons when I get my life in order and I have free time to bring them to their classes.

Let us pray that that time comes soon :)

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