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3 Things Your Husband Needs From You

3 Things Your Husband Needs From You

I saw this post by Marriage 365

… and it made me wonder, does Roody want to hear these things from me? His love language is not “Words of Affirmation,” so would that even matter to him?

I asked him, and he said:

I think the “I trust you” part is important. Guys would like to be trusted, with a little bit of wiggle room, because no one is perfect. Sometimes he wants to do something, and it’s nice when the wife says, “Let’s just do it. I trust you.”

What about the rest?

The “you’re sexy” part…? I don’t really need to hear that. You show me that. I can tell by the way you look at me with your eyes, and it feels good. If there’s anyone who I would want to call me sexy, it would be you. I’m not here to impress anyone but you.

And being proud?

I think there’s a bigger category for that. It’s not that you have to compliment me or anything, but it’s good to be reassured that I’m doing a good job. You’re not JUST proud of me, but you’re like, “Wow, this was good.” It should be bigger than just, “I’m proud of you.’

So based on this conversation—and not that there was anything wrong with the original—I think we can change the title to:

3 Things Your Husband Needs From You

  1. Your trust.

  2. To feel sexy.

  3. To be assured that he is doing a good job.

But most importantly, your husband needs for you to know, acknowledge and to act on his love language.

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