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Today Was a Rough Day

Today Was a Rough Day

You ever had one of those days where your toddler is crying and you’re crying right along with him?

That was today for me.

It has only happened a handful of times in my life as a mother. And every time it happens, I feel like the worst mother on the face of this planet.

But you know what? That’s the devil spewing his lies. I am not a terrible mother. I wake up every single morning and I try my best to be a good human. Really, I do. But then so many variables affect the course of the day and I either have a good day, a decent day, or a day that I feel like running away.

I think it is important that we as mothers—whether all you do is watch the kids all day, or you’re a loca like me and you’re trying to run multiple businesses AND take care of a little human—remind ourselves that we are doing our best.

Jonathan screamed and cried and yelled at me to give him his oatmeal so I gave him the oatmeal and it burned his tongue and he screamed and cried while I put it into a larger bowl so it would cool down faster and I gave it to him but he wanted the old bowl so he screamed and cried then calmed down and then he played until nap time but he refused to sleep and finally fell asleep and so I decided to go to sleep but then he woke up right when the anxiety backed off just enough so that my brain could calm down and allow sleep to come.

That whole sentence right there? Yeah, that’s why I ended up crying. During his third tantrum of the day, I felt a sharp pain in my head that scared me. And then I started crying because I was so tired, and I was scared. And he just would not stop.

But tomorrow will be better. Why? Well, for one, I’m leaving the house to go work for a couple hours. Then I’m going to spend the afternoon with my nephew. Then I’m going to get my hair washed, and I am going to work on meeting a few deadlines.

I always tell myself tomorrow will be better, and I usually work towards making it better. That is what keeps me going, and keeps me sane. And also the fact that Jonathan isn’t always a little monster.

Today was a rough day, but tomorrow will be better.

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