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Nesshell's Surprise Birthday Pool Party

Nesshell's Surprise Birthday Pool Party

Nesshell is a photographer who I have become friends with. She’s Jamaican, like I am, and she has a 4-year-old named Jay. So we’re basically the same person. Her best friend, Faith, made an Instagram group inviting some of Nesshell’s friends to a surprise birthday pool party. I was honored to get an invitation, and I was excited to wear another one of my cute swimsuits haha.

There were actually two parties going on at the same time, so it was a really interesting mix of guests. Nesshell showed up and looked quite surprised! So it worked :)

Before we hopped into the pool, we went out into the street to take some photos. The sunlight was perfect.

Pool time!

A few of us couldn’t swim, so I was really happy there were boards and floaties available.

I wanted some good photos wearing this swimsuit so I could post it on the gram. Ya tú sabes.

But Roody showed me that photo and I realized I needed to suck it INNNNN!!

LOL the way my belly fat is set up, I will never achieve the look I really want. So I just let loose and decided to feel comfortable in my own skin.

Then I finally got into the pool. As you will see in the vlog, I nearly fell in face first haha.

These two photos perfect sum up the party LOL!!

Fun fact: I dropped my sunglasses and one of my Dose of Mi earrings in the pool. Good thing I’m good at picking things up with my feet! Because I was most definitely NOT going to attempt to retrieve them by diving to the bottom…

In case you were wondering, I really enjoyed myself.

I just realized that Manny is the only male who hopped into a photo. Roody was chilling with the other fellas and enjoying himself in the dry shade haha. While use girls were either swimming like fish with help from a board or floatie (me) or hanging on to a floatie for dear life while trying to figure out this whole swimming thing (Nesshell) or running away from all the people who were either jumping into or being thrown into the pool (all of the black girls haha).

Thanks for inviting us, Faith! And happy belated birthday, Nesshell :)

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