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Edson & Vanessa's EPIC Wedding!

Edson & Vanessa's EPIC Wedding!

I’ve been friends with Vanessa for over a year now, and I always talk about how extra she is. In a loving way, of course :) So I knew this wedding was going to be huge, but I didn’t quite expect it to be THIS huge. I’m still thinking about it one week later…

So the ceremony took place at St. John’s Episcopal Church here in Stamford. I had never been inside, and the church is absolutely beautiful.

Edson made his way in and stood in his spot. He waited patiently for the bridesmaids to enter. As soon as Vanessa entered, he started to cry and it was soooo sweet. I was sitting all the way in the front, so I hadn’t even seen Vanessa yet. But when she entered my view, I totally saw why he got emotional—Vanessa looked like a dream. Oh my goodness.

I didn’t really know what to expect for the ceremony. Would it be one of those 2-hour-long Haitian ceremonies? Would there be lots of singing and speeches and things? Well, let’s just say that Edson & Vanessa kept it nice and simple. And I liked it.

This is going to sound totally creepy, but I like the way Vanessa kisses Edson. Don’t judge me. I’m obsessed with kissing, and I liked theirs :)

Anyway… “Say Yes” by Michelle Williams was their exit song and I got all hype. My friend is married!!

The majority of us guests waited out in the courtyard while the bridal party took their photos inside the church. So I used this as a chance to take some portraits in my Le Tote rental, my first dress of the day :)

I’m embarrassed admitting this, but I felt like Vanessa was a celebrity, and I felt nervous getting too close to her. I really wanted to say hi after they were done with this set of photos…

…but I didn’t want to get too close. So I just took more photos instead haha.

I went home to change into my second dress, and I saw that my last Beta Fish had died :( So that left me in a sour mood. On top of that, the traffic to the reception venue was horrible. But I spoke to Vanessa on our way there and she said she knew traffic was bad, so she made sure that the reception was going to be lit. That got me all excited and anxious to see!

Let’s just say that she wasn’t lying. I scoped out JUST the cocktail hour section of the venue, which was called Da Mikele Illagio, and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I didn’t take any photos, so you will have to wait for the vlog to see what I’m talking about!

I finally felt like I was allowed to get close to the newlyweds, so Roody & I took some photos with them real quick.

I ran upstairs right before they opened the doors to all of the guests and I took some photos of the amazing decor. Do you see their sweetheart table? AMAZING!

And don’t even get me started about this cake. I thought it was fake until they cut into it!! I said to myself, I hope it tastes as good as it looks. AND IT TASTED EVEN BETTER THAN IT LOOKED! HOW?!

There were two dancing disco balls entertaining the cocktail hour crowd. I thought that was hilarious.

The bridesmaids entered together, and the groomsmen entered together. Whoever thought of that was a genius because there were 43 members of the bridal party!!

The first dance was so beautiful, especially because of the clouds that the lovebirds looked like they were dancing on. I loved it!

There was a photographer who went around taking pictures of groups at sitting at the table. Then she framed it and sold it to us. The one she took of Roody & me is the best portrait we have of ourselves. I need to scan it and post it. I love it so much! It is currently sitting in the place where the Beta Fishtank used to be. RIP, fishies.

Also, let’s talk about the food… On top of the huge cocktail hour meal, we were fed a 3-course dinner. I ate so much! And they gave us containers so we could take the extra food home.

Agnes wanted a photo with Vanessa before she left, so I took one for her and then quickly jumped it. YAY!

The DJ zoomed through a lot of songs, but I was able to enjoy it—jumping up and down, twerking on Roody and Ruth and some other girl (haha) and making a complete fool of myself. It was great :)

I honestly feel badly for every other couple who invites me to their wedding after this one. WHO CAN TOP THIS??

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