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Taste Of The Caribbean & Jerk Festival 2018

Taste Of The Caribbean & Jerk Festival 2018

Happy Independence Day, Jamaica!

We invited Larique, Charles and my friend Elisa to drive up to Hartford with us to enjoy the "Taste Of The Caribbean & Jerk Festival" this past Sunday. I can't recall the last time I was that excited about food. Maybe it's because it was cheat day for my August Cleanse, or because I was about to devour some jerk chicken... Whatever it was, your girl was excited.

Traffic was light, so our trip was only 1.5 hours long. We didn't have any cash, so we walked until we saw two food trucks in the back that accepted cards. The lines were interminable, so we split up. Roody & the boys waited in the $10 line, The girls and I waited in the $8 line. Roody's line won, so I joined him. The boys were starving, so I bought them some ice cream bars. I made the mistake of photographing them AFTER giving them the ice cream, so their cute Jamaican outfits were totally ruined.

Larique, Elisa & Charles soon joined our line. That actually made some people mad haha. Some lady complained that if she had to stand and wait, then Larique & Elisa had to stand and wait as well. Well, we were all technically waiting. I knew she'd be alright once she got her food, so I just acted like I didn't hear anything. Bloop!

We ended up getting the jerk chicken, wings & fries and curried chicken patties. The food was pretty good, and I especially loved the jerk chicken. I usually only go for chicken legs, but the thigh I got was probably the most satisfying chicken thigh I've ever eaten.

Elisa's friend Nemo joined us. He did an amazing job entertaining the boys.

I saw a few people walking around with what looked like smoothies, so I stopped a couple of them to figure out where I could snag one. I found a little mixed drink stop that sold Strawberry Daiquiris and Piña Coladas for $8. I got myself a Piña and it was yummaaa.

I danced a little bit, let Jaden run around with a friend he made and then we took some pictures.

The highlight of the evening was when we were leaving and nearly got trampled by some guys on bikes. The security woman ended up calling the cops on them.

I really enjoyed myself and totally plan to go back again next year. Yes, the lines were extremely long, but that is to be expected at a food truck festival. I heard that there were more vendors downstairs, but I didn't get a chance to go check them out.

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