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Memorial Day 2019

Memorial Day 2019

Every Memorial Day weekend, Agnes & I vend at the Milford Food & Arts Festival at Eisenhower Park. This year, I was booked & busy and I was only about to join her on Memorial Day. Roody had the day off, so I told him to pack up the boys, grab the SPF (because it was SUPER hot) and hang out with us until the boys got tired.

It was also Kayly’s 6th birthday, and I was happy she enjoyed the bubble machine that Roody decided to take with him.

Roody & I ate so much. I had 3 tacos, and Roody shared a bacon/cheese/potato dish with the boys. And he had a taco, too. Oh, and we all had some bomb lemonade.

Jaden is terrified of ants, and he has made Jonathan afraid of ants, too. It’s so annoying because I don’t want them to be afraid of tiny insects like that. But a dog walked up and the boys ran to the dog to pet him. Wow, really?

We met a beautiful couple, Mariel & Alec. We talked about everything imaginable. Mariel thought I was Dominican, which was a HUGE compliment because SHE is Dominican. So I fell in love. And I took these photos of them. Are they not the cutest??

They also bought a customized hand-lettered sign with a quote about success. So that was nice :)

The boys were starting to get restless, so I told Roody to let the boys go on a train ride.

My bikini & crop tops were very popular, but I really wanted someone to model one of my creations. You get more sales on Etsy when people see a human wearing your stuff. So a girl walked by—wearing the perfect pants and a bikini top—and Agnes asked her if she would model it. To our surprise, she said yes!

And then Anna, the girl from the booth right next to us, agreed to model my latest bralette design, and I was amazed at how well it fit her!

Roody took this shot of me packing up. It was a very successful weekend, and I’m glad everything worked out.


Our “I Love You 3000” design has been doing soooo well on Etsy. I got us two samples and I decided to wear it to this event because I figured someone would say something haha. And someone did! :)

I asked Agnes to capture me & Roody eating tacos, and I plan to post these on Etsy because I think they look good! Click here to purchase a shirt.

Even though we had fun on Memorial Day, don’t think that I forgot about the real purpose of the day. Thank you to all of those who gave their lives fighting for this country, and for everyone all over the world. Your fight was not in vain, and we wouldn’t be this free without you.

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