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How to Get Your Kids to Smile for Photos

How to Get Your Kids to Smile for Photos

Roody & I have been taking weekly Sunday Portraits since I was pregnant with Jaden. Jaden always loved the camera, so we never had an issue with him taking a picture. Unless he was tired, then we had to bribe him.

But Jonathan entered the world and we suddenly had to become creative. He always has to be prepped, or else he mean mugs the whole time.


So what I discovered a couple summers ago was this: if I sang his favorite song—which was “Doctor Knickerbocker” at the time—he would dance around and act silly and be happy. That’s what I did everywhere.

Charles joined our family and always photobombed the boys’ photos haha. He’s worse than Jonathan. But here is what I discovered for him: if I said, “BRRRRR!!!” really high pitched over and over again, he would most likely crack a smile by the 4th time. By the 7th time, he would be laughing hysterically.

When we do our family photo, we always do a silly face. I look directly at the boys and just open my mouth super wide. They either laugh or copy me. That’s a cute little candid, I think :)

So how do you get your kids to smile for photos? Well, just let them have some fun. And make sure you’re not trying to do this in dim lighting with a cell phone because them jokers could MOVE! (insider)

Jonathan’s Top (similar): Oxford Button-Front Bodysuit*
Jaden & Jonathan’s Pants: Lined Pull-On Corduroy Pants*
Jaden & Jonathan’s Shoes (similar): High Top Sneakers* or Dress Shoes*

Charles’ Sweatshirt: Marled Hoodie Sweatshirt*
Charles’s Pants: Rib-Waist Pull-On Skinny Cords*

My top (similar): Leopard-Print Blouse*
My shoes: Caged Cutie Cut-Out Heeled Sandal*

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