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Sunday Brunch | Beer Tasting | Christiansted Historic District [St Croix 2018]

Sunday Brunch | Beer Tasting | Christiansted Historic District [St Croix 2018]

So you know how I’ve been trying to go dairy-free for the past couple months now? Well, I gave that all up just to have this delicious breakfast that Liz provided for us.


Liz told us about two Sunday brunch locations in Christiansted: “Ziggy’s” and “The New Deep End Bar & Grill".” We chose to go to the latter. I put on a whole pound of make up because we planned to take some photos later in the evening. We finally left the B&B after 11 AM and made our way to the restaurant. I took a couple photos of the houses on our way there.

The brunch menu wasn’t very extensive, and I appreciated that. I know I wanted eggs, and Roody knew he wanted pancakes. So we got them joints.

Of course I had to take some photos in front of the amazing seascape. The water seemed to be especially blue that morning, and I was mesmerized. I didn’t care that the restaurant guests might have been watching us :D #Extra

One of the hotel guests (?) noticed us and was amazed that I was using a DSLR and not a phone. She said, “Is that a real camera??” and walked over to us. I told her it was digital because she thought it was film. She also said that she had been on the island for 50 years and no longer knew where to develop her film, so I gave her a website to check out. Oh man, I should have told her about Indie Film Lab instead of Millers!! UGH!! Anyway, she offered to take some photos of us together. She did a really good job :)

After leaving brunch, we were on our way to Kmart when we heard a weird noise on the road while driving. We didn’t think anything of it until I noticed that a driver was motioning to the front of the car. I couldn’t understand, so he told Roody to pull over to the side of the road. We pulled up next to him and he told us that the front of the car fell off before we turned onto the bypass.


He also told us to go back and pick it up before someone ran over it. So we hurried back down the road and saw the black thingy in the middle of the road. I told Roody to drive straight, park and that I’d run and get it.

As I ran into the middle of the road, I realized that that was a horrible idea. I literally ran into traffic. I put out my hand for cars to stop, as if I were some kind of authoritative being. Thank God, the cars were just as concerned as I was and no one tried to run me over haha.

We went back to the the airport to tell Budget about the incident, praying that they’d believe the story—that the thing just randomly fell off. On its own. No fault of ours.

And they did! They gave us a new rental. Liz had told us about a new breadfruit Vodka that we needed to taste at Leatherback Brewing Company. It was near the airport, so we decided to check them out. They unfortunately ran out, so we did a beer tasting instead.

Fun fact: neither Roody or I like beer hahaha. So this wasn’t the most pleasant experience for us. BUT we did enjoy learning about beer and how Leatherback is getting their name out there and making moves in the islands. Good for them!

Next stop: Christiansted Historic District for photo ops. I really liked the architecture of the buildings in the side road, so I asked Roody to pull over, and we took some pictures there.

I didn’t want to use up ALL of my poses haha so we finally drove to the spot I had originally wanted to shoot in: The Steeple Building.

I actually wasn’t sure if we were allowed to touch the site. So I was nervous the whole time that someone was going to yell at us. Cars kept driving by, and no one said anything to us, soooo….

We didn’t have the most pleasant evening after this, because we realized that our vlog camera was stolen from the restaurant we ate dinner at the night before. So we had to file a police report, and I was so sad about the 3 days of footage that we will never be able to recover :(

But you know what? Everything happens for a reason. I have no idea what it is now, but maybe I’ll figure it out soon.

Photo Shoot in Christiansted Historic District | Sunset & Fire Dancers at "The Mermaid" at Buccaneer Hotel [St. Croix 2018]

Photo Shoot in Christiansted Historic District | Sunset & Fire Dancers at "The Mermaid" at Buccaneer Hotel [St. Croix 2018]

Beach Day! | Hotel on the Cay | Castaways [St. Croix 2018]

Beach Day! | Hotel on the Cay | Castaways [St. Croix 2018]