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Roody & Jaden's Birthday Cookout 2018

Roody & Jaden's Birthday Cookout 2018

So yeah, this is going to be a yearly thing. It will always be at the end of August and I'll always invite my friends via Facebook lol.

I want to give a HUGE thank you to my very good friend, Vanessa, for going to Party City after she left work to get the balloons, table cloths and goodie bags. I shot two weddings in a row and had no time to go get anything. She also was on vlog/camera duty and took a lot of these photos. She's the best!

Beanca's boyfriend, Jimmy, sat and watched us girls struggle to get the grill going. Homeboy was secretly and expert! Thank God he stepped in because we didn't know what we were doing.

Roody had to work while the party was going on, so he unfortunately didn't get to hang out with Beanca, Jimmy & Cameron before they had to leave.


Larique held on to Charles pretty tight because this was her last outing with him before going back to Pharmacy School.

The Chery family showed up and I think that's when the party TRULY began. Fritz is ridiculous and was trying to get a hold of my phone so he could control the music. And then when it was time to play games, he refused to join in unless Jaden took a photo with Olivia. Fritz calls Jaden his son-in-law.

Matthew's Bakery on Selleck Street has become my go-to for all my baking needs. Their cakes have just the right amount of sugar, and the frosting is so creamy and yummy. So shoutout to them for continuously providing our parties with delicious cakes.

The cake cutting is always the most anticipated event at a party, and I'm happy we had enough cake for everyone. Some people even got to taste both cakes :)

Special thanks to Yalandsky & Stephanie for sticking around until THE VERY END of the party. 


Of course, we had to do a re-make of last year's family photo on the benches. I love us so much!

Thank you to every who showed up, gave gifts, laughed and joked with us and enjoyed my handmade burgers. You all mean so much to us and I know that you made Roody & Jaden feel very loved!


Here are some more photos from the party:

Flying to St. Croix!

Flying to St. Croix!

Stew Leonard's Company Picnic 2018

Stew Leonard's Company Picnic 2018