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Taking the Night Off

I had a pretty decent day. I went to Michael's with Roody & Jonathan to get some goodies. As I was walking to the car, some sharp pains struck my head. I had to close my eyes and I couldn't even walk right.

It was terrifying.

I haven't felt those pains again, but as I sat down to edit some photos and do some other work (after painting for the past hour. Yes, I paint) I feel like I should just relax.

I had a lot of plans for tonight. I had some headshots to edit, I was going to finish editing my birthday vlog... It was going to be another late night, getting some work done.

But something is telling me to just watch youtube and crochet. I'm exhausted and I need to relax.

Normal people would just go to bed, but it's only 11:30! I'll go to bed when I'm tired.

Kylie Jenner's "To My Daughter" Video

Kylie Jenner's "To My Daughter" Video

Logan Paul is Back!

Logan Paul is Back!