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Fun at the Park - Project 365 [Day 227]

I'm embarrassed to write this blog post because today was the first time that Jaden went on a swing. And a slide. He's almost 2 years old!

Last summer, going to the playground and chasing a one-year-old was out of the question. I was too pregnant and too tired. This summer, Roody & I decided that we wanted to be better parents. So we started taking the boys to the park more often. The only problem with that is that there's no playground at the park near our house.

They're renovating that park, so we had to go to another one. I got excited when I saw the swing set and slides. I thought Jaden would have so much fun. He was terrified of the swing, but he kept "asking" to go down the slide. It made me so happy. I'd love to try to go at least twice per week with him. Poor kid has really been missing out.

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