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2017 Review

2017 Review

I can't believe 2017 came and went so quickly! It feels like we were sitting in bed just a few weeks ago, watching Mariah Carey botch that performance on live television.


But seriously, it has been an interesting year. Roody and I were prophesied to, saying that we would be uncovering supernatural wealth. Since that prophesy came out of Prophet Eduam's mouth, we have been having an incredibly awful financial experience.

No joke.

I've heard that it usually gets rough before it gets better, but jeez. I still don't understand what happened and why it happened, but we've been making efforts to make things better and have actually learned quite a few things from this financial strain. We've continued tithing, continued to give to the needy, and we've given more away to our YouTube subscribers than ever before. So I'm proud that we haven't allowed this rough period to completely ruin things for us.

What else happened in 2017? Well, our nephew, Charles was born. He is the yummiest little baby in the world and we love him so much. He has brought my sister, Larique, the happiness that she deserves and we always look forward to hanging out with him.


Jaden is quite the chatterbox and has proven his musical ability. He and Roody had a birthday party at the park, and it was wonderful :) Jaden isn't making up his own sentences just yet, but we're proud that he has been reciting the entire alphabet for months, can count all the way to 20, speaks a little Haitian Creole, and can say a lot of small phrases like "How/where are you?" "Come back," "More please," "Bye-bye. See you," "Open door," "Don't touch," and other little things.


Jonathan turned 1 just a couple weeks ago. He has 6 teeth and is not walking yet. He still doesn't sleep though the night. Lawd. We're trying so hard to not let the lack of sleep get to us, but it's really getting to us. Can you imagine not having a good night's sleep for over a year? It's tough. But we pray that he'll sleep properly soon.


After being a work-from-home mother for the past 2 years, I decided to get a job at a dance studio in Westport. Remember that financial strain I mentioned a few paragraphs ago? Yeah. So at first I was embarrassed that I had to go get a job, but then I realized there's nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm a mother of two young boys. Ain't nobody got time for pride. We need extra money? Ok, let's see how we could get some, and I thank God that this job basically just fell in my lap. It was been THE BIGGEST BLESSING this year. Truly.

Speaking of blessings, I really thought that having surgery on my two big toes would help me be able to walk and wear shoes and live a better life, but it was the most painful thing I've ever experienced. On top of that, my right big toe seems to be infected AGAIN and I have to return to the podiatrist. Lawd, mi cyaan tek it!

Another thing that happened was Roody getting his Commercial Real Estate License. We truly believe that this will be the ticket to that Supernatural Wealth. Roody failed the test the first time and then passed the second time. When he got the results, we were both so overjoyed that we just kind of stared at each other in awe. 

Oh, and how can we forget about the fact that we almost left Youtube? I kept uploading videos everyday only to find that they had been demonetized, so then I decided to create a Patreon account. If it weren't for our Patrons, we would definitely have stopped posting videos on Youtube because it's just too much work to be getting so little money. So thank you for your pledges!

How can we forget about the ridiculous music video that I published on Christmas Day?? HAHAHA! That was honestly the most embarrassing thing I've ever done on the internet and I have NO REGRETS. I'm just looking forward to the next ridiculous video.

Well, that's all I can think of right now. What did we miss?

We pray that we will all have an amazing year. 2018 will be a chance for everyone to kind of start over and try to live their best lives. God bless you!

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